App Developers

Dear iPhone / iPod Touch App Developers,

thank you for visiting! The Podcast is one of the most subscribed App Podcasts in Germany. Every week I receive lots of e-mails from developers, asking for a review.

On this page I want to give you some further information about my review process.

  • Usually I discover interesting apps myself. But since there are so many of them I am also happy about new suggestions from users and developers.
  • I do not review apps already published in the app store via adhoc / UDID. This is because there is too much correspondence involved.
    Sometimes it can take days or even weeks, for me to test the app, and then there is a new version out… I have to ask for another review copy… developers get mad, because I review an old version… lot’s of reasons.
  • If I don’t discover your app myself and you want me to take a look at it, just send me a review code to, so that I can download your app.
    (note: This does not guarantee that I actually review the app. But it’s much more likely.)
  • If your app is not yet published and you want me to take (an exclusive) look at it, I am happy to provide you with my UDID so that you can send me the app via adhoc.

I hope this helps ;)